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Once I was a Jew
 Article publié le 13 septembre 2012.


Do you understand how heart
............-might squeeze
The entire blood it possessed ? While
Juvenile breath could still warm
The mystical indifference of the senile
The coldness of the snake curved
Over the bent backspin

The deportation list is prepared by
The local perpetrators while
The killing recipe- somewhere Belgrade in 1999.

Now I may freely utter numbers
800.000 Kosovars expelled carefully
Out of border
Macedonia built camps and it was
............ not Auschwitz
It all reminds Biblical exodus
But the Jews we are not.

The Illyrian blood still circulates
In our veins and the language that
Foretold Socrates his wisdom
At the Delphi Oracle still speaks
Volumes to the civilized world

Do I have to be a poet or simply
A world inhabitant to say
’I’m a part of the same gravity
But my peak reaches the whiteness of
............ -the clouds"

Ask any lady with the crinkle dark skin
marked heavily with the crimson dots

what was "I" a decade ago and they
shall all in unison say : Once you were a Jew
before being Illyrian, Albanian, Kosovar
but now you’ll die as poet !
Who would expect a better death !!!

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