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Depuis avril 2004,
date de la création
du premier numéro
de la RALM.
And here the Manifesto is being drafted :
 Article publié le 24 juillet 2012.


Ye Man- You are created to better know
each other henceforth the hatred
shall exist only as sign- A lesson how
not to behave

Ye Man- all forms of belief are in Mind
What remains in the Heart is Trust
So build Trust in the settlement of Soul
Thus you undergo the turbulence, fear
and jealousy and transcend the growth
of phases of yours. 

Ye Man- all forms of art, whether realistic
or abstract, plastic or spiritual
whether form, shape, sound, color, nuance
number and mathematical Plethora
Noun and Grammatical Pleroma
They’re all at your disposal ; lucky is the one
who may integrate all for the all ?

Ye Man- let the terrestrial hold the celestial
so you await the progeny that speaks
a language everybody understands- so he
speaks angelically- so the word glows as white
as neon light pure and unpolluted.

Ye Man- behold from the falsehood for it
spoils radioactively everything what human
Genius has succeeded to bring forth.

Ye Man- create by the force given to you
From the Universe ; for Creation is the main
Attribute of vastness and fulfill- ness.

Ye Man- sacrifice for the sake of Love- ONLY
for the Love rewards in myriad
when the mind blocks and unable is
to count such a dowry.

Ye Man- bath in the Spa of the Divine and
You shall see recuperated body
reanimated Soul for it has the drops
from the most complex Elixirs.

Ye Man- don’t be afraid of my loss
for the wisdom lays in down to the shores
of the Divine and the gate keepers are to give you
the keys for endurance and the locks for your
treasures hidden as Sin.

Ye Man- forgive the wrong- doer as you
do with the child for he’s and
His Soul is fuzzy with the multiple layers
for he’ll come to regret or not
doesn’t make any difference.

Ye Man- sing the life for Life is a celebration
never repeated in such a form and singing
is the attribute of Existence for every motion ?
gives a Sound as reward.

Ye Man-Laugh the Life, for the Laughing is
the Certainty of the Cosmic Truth and in it
there is a quintessence of Certainty given
to the True Nature of Creation.

Ye Man- LOVE- Love all or All
for the Love is the attribute of the Almighty
where you can find better Essence to compete with
for it is the highest strength that destroys
the most concrete walls and undergoes
all barriers.

Since it is the only power that may integrate
since integrated we become All
as we become all we remain nothing and nothing
is the name of the being and the being turn
to be You.

…Here ends the Manifesto.

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