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Depuis avril 2004,
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de la RALM.
To make the world
 Article publié le 3 juillet 2011.


(A poem in commemoration of :
“World Human Spirit Day’’ on 17th February 2011)


Midst the war ravaged territories
The spark of freedom is intangible ;
The brutal attitude to clinch victories
Shatter the humane spirit and morale.
The cries of hunger and starvation peep
While clouds of war loom here and there,
The scars of instability pierce more deep
And death dances to the tune of evil war.
A hapless mother, a shattered family
Children become orphans, women widows,
For a fistful of food, people crave dearly
While violence stalks every peace meadow.
Dawn after dawn diminishes every hope
But every hope aspires for another dawn,
For them, where’s the true spirit to cope
If every moment is fear-filled and forlorn.
Along with the peaceful life meant to subsist
The spark of freedom dwells in every heart,
It ought be given a top-most priority to exist
To make the world a peaceful place to co-exist.

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