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Mohamed Tahdaini ideas are well reflected by the colors he uses.

Born in 1965 in Agadir, Morocco, Mohamed Tahdaini has always had a love of music and art. His father, who was in the building trade, was a major influence with knowledge of design and decoration. Although he followed the wishes of his father to study at the Ibnou Zouher University in AGADIR, music, poetry and painting were his true loves. With the encouragement of his teachers and family the classrooms were always decorated by his works. Mohamed frequently played his banjo for school festivities and parties for friends.

Mohamed’s wide range of imagination is expressed in his abstract approach to painting, usually in oil. His creativity has no limits while expressing his feelings with bright colors and unusual shapes.

After graduation works in Ouarzazate city, South of Morocco. In 2002 he married and now has two sons.

1. Painting
9 novembre 2006
Swirls of Color Decorative Accents for the Discriminating Taste New Colourful Paintings by Mohammed Tahdaini at Swirls of Color Mohamed  [...]
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