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Depuis avril 2004,
date de la création
du premier numéro
de la RALM.
Alexandre NODOPAKA

Abstraction in art is a cerebral titillating catalyst in addition to being a spiritual meditation when transformed into art. Photography killed representational art some 176 years ago. The computer killed abstract art since 1965 or so and the microscope even before that ! Alex Nodopaka is pursuing his latest venture into the image Like many before him he’s reached the conclusion that art is in the mind and all the viewer needs is a draft that can be visual or aural or any senses. His artwork now is reduced to random dots or lines or points of reference allowing the viewers to form any form and give it any meaning one wishes but fundamentally the human being is programmed to first recognize the figure.

1. 6 examples that illustrate my latest artworks...
24 janvier 2015
6 examples that illustrate my latest artworks and traditional contemporary philosophy and 2 examples of a contemporary non-traditional  [...]
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