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Depuis avril 2004,
date de la création
du premier numéro
de la RALM.
The "Integralist"
 Article publié le 21 juillet 2012.


Am I still a certain someone
who walks bare naked feet ?
on the prickly thorn path
of searching for the Beauty
…and she remains the jewel in the crown
of eternity with the scarlet lips
kissing the Divine.

While the mortals market their ignorance
throwing daggers of stupidity
to hush the audience that bewilder
with the colors of the poison
dispersed unjustly for the public
did not deserve such a contamination.

Blood spilling hatred radiating
in the air to dismiss the luminous body
of the seeker- who utters only
the words of heart
which the concubines couldn’t spoil
neither the rich Father with
unlimited mercy- He is called :
The "Integralist"

Yet we ought to write the Manifesto
for the Art he brought from highest heavens
down to obey the thirsts of the impure
mouths of the cantankerous
shan’t remain hidden !

As the Narrator bystanders- his efforts
and see what lies in the hearts of Men
He wants to Unite because Galaxies
have assembled and the Universe opened
His chest and the mercy unfolds
the subtile Muslin to dress the naked Truth.

He calls upon reason- The Grand reason
and the Art- The grand Art.
He calls then the Heart- the Grand Heart
to wave the tripartite thread of Divine
for he knows the Men- Still have chance
if the men compete in Good-doing

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